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EUP3271A-CC/CV Synchronous Step-Down Converter

EUP3271A-CC/CV Mode Synchronous Step-Down Converter DataSheet

  The EUP3271A is a synchronous step-down convertercapable of driving
5A continuous load with excellentline and load regulation.
The EUP3271A operates ineither CC (Constant Current) mode or
CV (Constant Voltage) mode with an input voltage range from 4.5Vto 36V.
The EUP3271A provides programmable cablecompensation by adjusting external resistor divider.
External shutdown function can be controlled bypulling COMP pin to a level below 0.14V.
Fault protection includes secondary cycle-by-cyclecurrent limit, short circuit protection and thermalshutdown.
 Internal soft-start minimizes the inrushsupply current and the output overshoot at initialstartup.
The EUP3271A is available in 5mm×5mm TQFN-20package.

4.5V to 36V Wide Input Operating Range
80kHz~400kHz Switching Frequency Selection
CC/CV Mode Control
Up to 5A Output Current
+/- 1.5% Voltage Reference Accuracy
+/- 4% Constant Current Accuracy
Programmable Cable Compensation
Internal Soft Start
Single Pin to External Compensation andShutdown Control
Hiccup Short Circuit Protection
Secondary Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit
Thermal Shutdown
Available in 5mm×5mm TQFN-20 Package
RoHS Compliant and100% Lead(Pb)-FreeHalogen-Free

Car Charger
Portable charger applications
DC/DC converters with current limited

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