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MA5821-58V Asynchronous Buck Controller

MA5821-58V Asynchronous Buck Controller DataSheet

  The MA5821is an asynchronous buck controller.The device need externals high side and
external highside power MOSFETs, andprovide 3A of continuous load current
over a wide input voltage of10V to58V. Current mode controlprovides
fast transient response and cycle-bicyclecurrent limit.
An internal soft-start prevents inrush current at turn-on,
this device available in small MSOP-10L-EP packages,
provides a very compact solution with minimal external components.

-Wide10V~58V Operating Input Range
-Externals high-sideP-channelMOSFET Switches
-Output Adjustable:VFB(1.00V±2%)
-Up to 93% Efficiency
-InternalSoft-Start/ Thermal Shutdown Protection
-Fixed240KHz Frequency
-Cycle-by-Cycle Over Current Protection
-Input Under/OverVoltage Lockout

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