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EMS6030-2A/2.5A USB Power-Distribution Switch

EMS6030-2A/2.5A Current-Limited Power Distribution Switches DataSheet

General Description
    The EMS6030 is an N-channel MOSFET high-side
power switch without parasitic body diode between
drain and source. The EMS6030 provides very low
on-resistance as 60mΩ and continuously delivers up
to 2A(EMS6030A/B) and 2.5A(EMS6030C/D) output
current. The fault flag output function indicates fault
conditions to the local USB controller. The other
features include soft start, current limit protection,
Power-On-Reset function, and over temperature
protection. The EMS6030 is available in SOT-23-5L

􀂄 Wide Input Range 2.5V to 5.5V
􀂄 Low MOSFET On Resistance(60mΩ)
􀂄 2us Short Protection Response
􀂄 Low Quiescent(65uA) & Shutdown Current
􀂄 Deglitched Open-Drain Fault Flag Output
􀂄 Reverse Current Flow Blocking
􀂄 Power On Reset Function
􀂄 Current Limit Protection
􀂄 Over Temperature Protection
􀂄 Soft Start and Fast Turn Off
􀂄 Reverse Voltage Protection
􀂄 Enable Active High or Active Low

􀂄 Notebook & Netbook &MB

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