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EML3321-1MHz 3A,Synchronous Step-Down Regulator

EML3321-1MHz 3A,Synchronous Step-Down Regulator DataSheet

General Description
    EML3321 is a high efficiency step down DC/DC
converter. It features an extremely low quiescent
current, which is suitable for reducing standby
power consumption, especially for portable
    The device can accept input voltage from 2.6V to
5.5V and deliver up to 3A output current. High 1MHz
switching frequency allows the use of small surface
mount inductors and capacitors to reduce overall
PCB board space. Furthermore, the built-in
synchronous switch improves efficiency and
eliminates external Schottky diode. EML3321 uses
different modulation modes for various loading
conditions: (1) Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for low
output voltage ripple and fixed frequency noise, (2)
Pulse Frequency Modulation (PSM) for improving
light load efficiency. In addition EML3321 also build
in short circuit and over voltage protection.
    The adjustable version of this device is available in
SOT-23-6L and TDFN-8L packages.

 Achieve 95% efficiency
 Input voltage : 2.6V to 5.5V
 Output current up to 3A
 Reference voltage: 0.6V
 Quiescent current 45μA
 Internal switching frequency: 1MHz
 No Schottky diode needed
 Low dropout operation: 100% duty cycle
 Shutdown current < 1μA
 Excellent line and load transient response
 Over-temperature protection
 Over Voltage protection
 Hiccup mode Short circuit protection

 Blue-Tooth devices
 Cellular and Smart Phones
 LCD TV Power Supply
 Wireless networking
 Portable applications

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