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FP7125-Average-Mode Constant Current LED Driver

FP7125-LED Driver with Average-Mode Constant Current Control DataSheet

FP7125應用說明  Application Note

General Description
    The FP7125 is an average current mode control LED driver IC operating in a constant off-time mode.
FP7125 does not produce a peak-to-average error, and therefore greatly improves accuracy, line and load regulation of the LED current without any need for loop compensation or high-side current sensing.
The output LED current accuracy is ±3%.
    The FP7125 can be powered from an 8.0 - 100V supply.
PWM & Linear dimming input is provided that accepts an external control TTL compatible signal.
The output current can be programmed by an internal 250mV reference.

 Fast Average Current Control
 Internal 8 to 100V Linear Regulator
 Linear and PWM Dimming Capability
 Output Short Circuit Protection with Skip Mode
 Requires Few External Components for Operation

 DC/DC or AC/DC LED Driver Applications
 LED Street Lighting
 Back Lighting of Flat Panel Displays
 General Purpose Constant Current Source
 Signage and Decorative LED Lighting
 Chargers

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