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EMD2081-Constant Current LED Lighting Driver

EMD2081-Constant Current LED Lighting Driver With PWM Dimming Control DataSheet

General Description
    The EMD2081 was designed with high efficiency step
up DC/DC converter with constant current source
for driving lighting LEDs. Wide input voltage range
makes the application more flexible. LED dimming
can be achieved with pulse width modulation
dimming on DIM pin. The EMD2081 switches at
1.2MHz and allows using small inductor and both of
input/output capacitors. An internal compensation
can reduce external component.
    The EMD2081 include current limit, over voltage and
thermal shutdown protection. The EMD2081 is
available in MSOP-10 package.

 Supply Voltage: 5.2V ~ 30V
 Driving Current:
 Up to 500mA @VIN=12V, VOUT=23V
 Over Voltage Protection: 36.5V
 Shutdown Current < 3μA
 Reference Voltage 0.245V
 Internal Soft Start and Compensation
 1.4A Internal power MOSFET Switch
 Thermal Shutdown Protection

 Mood and Accent Lighting
 Automotive Lighting
 Ambient Lighting
 RGB LED Driver

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