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SP687-X2 Capacitor Discharge IC

SP687-X2 Capacitor Discharge IC DataSheet

    SP687 blocks current flow in the X2 capacitor safety discharge resistors,
reducing the power loss to less than 5mW at 230 VAC.
When AC voltage is disconnected, SP687 automatically discharges
the X2 capacitor by connecting the series discharge resistors.
This operation allows total flexibility in the choice of the X2 capacitor
to optimize differential mode EMI filtering and reduce inductor costs,
with no change in power consumption.
    SP687 meets IEC 62368-1: 2020 version.

 750V CDMOS Process
 Auto Re-Start
 X2 Capacitor Discharge
 Less than 5mW power consumption at 230VAC
 SOP-8/SOD-123 Package design

 AC/DC Switching Power Adaptor/Desktop
 Battery Charger
 Open-Frame Switching Power Supply
 LED Power Supply

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