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FP1207-異步升壓控制IC DataSheet

FP1207應用說明  Application Note

FP1207 8V to 24V 5A

FP1207 24V to 48V 2.5A


FP1207是異步升壓控制IC,透過EXT Pin控制外部NMOS,輸入低啟動電壓2.8V與寬工作電壓5V~24V,單節鋰電池3V~4.2V應用,將Vout接到HVDD Pin;精準的反饋電壓1.2V,內置軟啟動,工作頻率由外部電阻調整;過電流保護,檢測電感峰值電流,檢測電阻Rcs接在開關NMOS Source端與地之間。

General Description
    The FP1207 is boost topology switching regulator for wide operating voltage applications. It provides built-in gate driver pin for driving external N-MOSFET. The non-inverting input of error amplifier connects to a 1.2V precision reference voltage. It has programmable switching frequency set by external resistor, and programmable inductor peak current limit connects a resistor from CS to GND. Current mode control and external compensation network make is easy and flexible to stabilize the system.
    The FP1207 is available in the small footprint SOP-8L(EP) package to fit in space-saving PCB layout for application fields.

 Start-up Voltage: 2.8V
 Wide Supply Voltage Operating Range: 5V to 24V
 Precision Feedback Reference Voltage: 1.2V (±2%)
 Shutdown Current: <3μA
 Programmable Switching Frequency: 100KHz~1000KHz
 Input Under Voltage Protection(UVP)
 Switching MOSFET Over Current Protection (OCP)
 Over Temperature Protection (OTP)
 Package: SOP-8L(EP)

 Chargers
 LCD Displays
 Handheld Devices
 Portable Products
 Power Bank

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