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FP1207-Non-Synchronous PWM Boost Controller

FP1207-Non-Synchronous PWM Boost Controller  DataSheet

FP1207應用說明  Application Note

FP1207 8V to 24V 5A

FP1207 24V to 48V 2.5A


General Description
    The FP1207 is boost topology switching regulator for wide operating voltage applications. It provides built-in gate driver pin for driving external N-MOSFET. The non-inverting input of error amplifier connects to a 1.2V precision reference voltage. It has programmable switching frequency set by external resistor, and programmable inductor peak current limit connects a resistor from CS to GND. Current mode control and external compensation network make is easy and flexible to stabilize the system.
    The FP1207 is available in the small footprint SOP-8L(EP) package to fit in space-saving PCB layout for application fields.

 Start-up Voltage: 2.8V
 Wide Supply Voltage Operating Range: 5V to 24V
 Precision Feedback Reference Voltage: 1.2V (±2%)
 Shutdown Current: <3μA
 Programmable Switching Frequency: 100KHz~1000KHz
 Input Under Voltage Protection(UVP)
 Switching MOSFET Over Current Protection (OCP)
 Over Temperature Protection (OTP)
 Package: SOP-8L(EP)

 Chargers
 LCD Displays
 Handheld Devices
 Portable Products
 Power Bank

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