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EMH7090-6A HV Asynchronous 500kHz Boost Converter

EMH7090-6A HV Asynchronous 500kHz Boost Converter DataSheet

General Description
    The EMH7090 is a monolithic asynchronous boost
DC-DC converter. Its PWM circuitry with built-in 6A
60mΩ power MOSFET make this regulator highly
power efficient.
    The EMH7090 has wide input voltage range from
2.9V~12V to support applications with single-cell or
two-cell lithium batteries. The device could have 6A
switching current capacity to provide an output
voltage up to 14V.
    The EMH7090 uses current mode PWM control
topology to regulate the output voltage. That works
into power saving mode to get better efficiency for
battery in light load condition. In heavy load
condition, the EMH7090 works into PWM operating
    The EMH7090 non-inverting input of error amplifier
connects to 0.6V precision reference voltage and
internal soft-start function can reduce the inrush
current. In addition, overvoltage protection, cycle
by cycle over current protection, and thermal
shutdown protection are designed into this chip.
The EMH7090 is available in E-SOP-8L package and
provides space-saving PCB for the application fields.

􀂄 Input Voltage Range 2.9V~12V
􀂄 Adjustable Output Voltage Range 5V~14V
􀂄 Internal Fixed PWM frequency: 500kHz
􀂄 Precision Feedback Reference Voltage: 0.6V
􀂄 Internal 60mΩ, 6A, 16V Power MOSFET
􀂄 Internal Soft-start
􀂄 Over Temperature Protection
􀂄 Over Voltage Protection
􀂄 Cycle by Cycle Over Current Protection
􀂄 Package: E-SOP-8L

􀂄 Chargers
􀂄 LCD Displays
􀂄 LED Application
􀂄 Bluetooth Speaker
􀂄 Power Bank
􀂄 Handheld or Portable Devices


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