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AD52580B-20W Stereo Class-D Audio Amplifier

AD52580B-20W Stereo Class-D Audio Amplifier with Power Limit And Dynamic Temperature Control DataSheet

AD52580 PCB Layout Guide

    The AD52580B is a high efficiency stereo class-D audio amplifier with adjustable power limit function and dynamic temperature control. The loudspeaker driver operates from 8~26V supply voltage and analog circuit operates at 3.3V supply voltage. It can deliver 20W/CH output power into 8W loudspeaker within 0.09% THD+N and without external heat sink when playing music.
    AD52580B provides parallel BTL (Mono) application, and it can deliver 40W into 4W loudspeaker within 0.15% THD+N. The adjustable power limit function allows user to set a voltage rail lower than half of 3.3V to limit the amount of current
through the speaker.Output DC detection prevents speaker damage from long-time current stress. The dynamic temperature control is a gain control system. As chip
junction temperature higher than a warning level, the gain level will decrease until junction temperature lower than the warning level.
    The output short circuit and over temperature protection include auto-recovery feature.


 Single supply voltage
8 ~ 26V for loudspeaker driver
Built-in LDO output 3.3V for others
 Loudspeaker power from 24V supply
BTL Mode: 20W/CH into 8W @0.09% THD+N
PBTL Mode: 40W/CH into 4W @0.15% THD+N
 Loudspeaker power from 13V supply
BTL Mode: 10W/CH into 8W @10% THD+N
 87% efficient Class-D operation eliminates need
for heat sink
 Differential inputs
 Four selectable, fixed gain settings
 Internal oscillator
 Short-Circuit protection with auto recovery option
 Under-Voltage detection
 Over-Voltage protection
 Pop noise and click noise reduction
 Adjustable power limit function for speaker
 Output DC detection for speaker protection
 Filter-Free operation
 Over temperature protection with auto recovery
 Dynamic temperature control prevents chip from
over heating

 TV audio
 Powered speaker
 Consumer Audio Equipment

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