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AD52653-2.6W/CH Stereo Class-D Audio Amplifier

AD52653-2.6W/CH Stereo Filter-less Class-D Audio Amplifier DataSheet

    The AD52653 is a stereo, filter-less class-D audio amplifier and has a 64-steps DC volume control. Operating with 5.0V loudspeaker driver supply, it delivers 2.6W/CH power into 4  loudspeaker within 10% THD+N.
    The AD52653 is a stereo audio amplifier with high efficiency, which leads to longer battery life,less heat sink, smaller board size, lower system cost, and suitable for the notebook, and portable multimedia devices.

 Supply voltage range: 3.0 V to 5.5 V
 10mA static operation current
 <1uA shutdown current
 64 step DC volume control from -75 to +24dB
 Overload and thermal protection
 Loudspeaker Output power @ 10% THD+N
 1.6W/CH into 8 loudspeaker
 2.6W/CH into 4 loudspeaker

 Monitor audio
 Portable multimedia devices
 Mobile phone

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